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0001064Industrial-Craft²E-Net, cabling, storage/transformer blockspublic2014-08-26 05:06
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PlatformJava 64 bit 7.0.550.14OSWindows 7 Home PremiumOS VersionService Pack 1
Summary0001064: Energy stops loading when chucks are unloaded and reloaded
DescriptionEvery time any one on the server logs in their area for the first time from a fresh reboot everything works fine. Once the area is unloaded by either re logging or exploring and returning to the machines all energy stops flowing. My MFSU shows it is holding power but will not charge my electronics, my machines show they have energy and will work until they have used up the energy the machine was holding (though it still looks like energy is in the machine). All the wires from my nuclear reactor look like they were placed not adjacent to another wire but are all adjacent to each other. This can only be temperately fixed by relaunching the server, in witch is a rinse an repeat.
Steps To ReproduceOpen/run Server, Log in, log out(near my machines), log in and its produced
Additional InformationServer has only shown one instance that tile-entity wire is already in location, aborting placement, this occurs when 2 or more people are in the same area replacing glitched wiring. It seems as if the energy grid and tile entities are not unloading correctly. I have searched online for days about this and there is only 2 cases when people say this is solved by turning off the steam in the ic2 config, but there is no option that I have found to turn off the steam in config.
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2014-06-13 18:56


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Mine-craft version 1.7.2
Ic2 Experimental 2.1.464


2014-06-13 19:21


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2014-06-22 13:17

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I fixed it on my server with inserting
if (this.registeredTiles.containsKey(coords)) {this.removeTileEntity(((net.minecraft.tileentity.TileEntity)(( this.registeredTiles.get(coords)).entity));}

at line 78 in in the method addTileEntity

Note: minecraft 1.6.4 not sure if that much changed in the energy net maybe the line number changed but something similar should still work

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