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0001066Industrial-Craft²machinespublic2014-06-26 14:59
ReporterSaladKing Assigned ToThunderdark  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
PlatformPCOSWindows 7 Ultimate x64OS VersionBuild 7601
Summary0001066: Graphical Error in
DescriptionThe graphic containing the progress bar in Thermal Centrifuge's GUI has a slight artistic error. When observing the top two rows of the graphic's pixels, the upper of the two does not reach as far to the right as it does to the left, creating an asymmetric image.
Steps To Reproduce1: Open Thermal Centrifuge GUI.
2: Observe top two rows of pixels of the Centrifuge's GUI graphic.
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Minecraft Version



2014-06-16 04:02


thermalcent_pixel.png (5,243 bytes)   
thermalcent_pixel.png (5,243 bytes)   


2014-06-17 19:35

reporter   ~0002433

All that, and you didn't notice that the vertical temperature bar is off-center, too?


2014-06-19 00:44

reporter   ~0002440

You know, now that you point it out, I remember noticing that months ago. I guess my long-term only remembered the pixel.


2014-06-26 14:59

viewer   ~0002452

fixed in Build > industrialcraft-2-2.1.482

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