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0000108Industrial-Craft²nuclear reactor and anything associatedpublic2013-07-23 15:13
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Summary0000108: Breeder reactor insta replenish depleted cells
DescriptionAs stated.

Made the Cheapbreeder design, as found in the forums (designs topic) in my single player, first all is ok the reactors heats and replenishes depleted cells slowly.

Made another one, this one just wouldn't heat at all.

So tried in creative. Both (2 orientatiions cuz we never know F1 and F2) stayed at 0°C, and replenishes cells as soon as they're inserted.

(Components taking weird damages)
Steps To ReproduceA) Build the Cheapbreeder design (did in creative)

B) Run it.

C) Enjoy free Uranium.
Additional InformationEvery reactor seems to take 2 to 3 times the time they should to heat.

I reproduced mostly giving myself the items in creative then with/without switching to survival.

I did a full install of my modpacks/minecraft.

I use the Feed the Beast Launcher.
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ReactorTest.rar (2,791,753 bytes)


2012-11-26 03:42

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NEI spawned rods dont work well.


2012-11-26 23:50

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I'm working in creative mode as well, and found that the depleted isotope cells obtained through NEI are "fully charged" (i.e. when put in a breeder, they immediately turn to Re-enriched Uranium Cells. If you obtain Depleted Isotope Cells through actually depleting uranium cells (yes, this takes over 2 1/2 hours of real-life time), those cells do not immediately replenish, and those are the type of cells you will be using in survival.

Conclusion: The Depleted Isotope Cells obtained through NEI have the wrong damage data, and are not the same as those you would obtain legitimately.
(I'll address your heating problem in a moment)


2012-11-27 00:03

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The cheap breeder says that you the initial hull temperature needs to be 22,000 Heat (Me: And how the heck am I supposed to do that?!). So I've been messing around in a Creative world and I think I've solved my problem.

Use the Cheap Breeder design.
Take out the Uranium, Depleted Isotopes, Component Heat Vents, and Overclocked Heat Vents (you should now have two empty "plus signs" in your reactor).
Put in 22 Heating Cells instead of 1.
EDIT: If you mouse-over the Heating Cell in the Reactor Planner, it says "x21". Just noticed that, not sure if you had that problem.[/edit]
Wait a while.
Put in the other components.

I didn't time it (ten? twenty minutes?), but after a relatively short while, your reactor will heat up to the desired 22,000 (you can boost this a bit if you want - 28,000 is the max Heat of this design). Now if you throw in the other components, included "empty" depleted isotope cells and a new uranium cell, it should "charge" them 8 times faster than if the temperature were at 0. Your four cells should become re-enriched after about 20 minutes or so (10,000 seconds divided by 8). After this, the vents will start cooling off your hull, and the uranium cell will continue to deplete, so be sure to grab your re-enriched cells and throw some more in. Hope this helps!

Also, a correction from my last note. You CAN get empty Depleted Isotope Cells from NEI, but you need to craft them using Near-depleted Uranium Cells with Coal Dust. This will take care of your insta-replenishing "bug".


2013-07-23 15:13

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Breeder reactor will change in next version

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