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0001080Industrial-Craft²machinespublic2014-06-30 15:08
ReporterSaladKing Assigned ToThunderdark  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
PlatformJava 7U60OSWindows 7 Ultimate x64OS Version7601
Summary0001080: [IC2EX 490] Liquid Heat Exchanger Cell I/O
DescriptionThe Liquid Heat Exchanger appears to supposed to be able to hold only one Cell at a time in both of its Cell I/O slots, however shift-clicking a stack of Cells will move the entire stack into the I/O slot.
Steps To Reproduce1: Place a Liquid Heat Exchanger.
2: Obtain a stack of Hot Coolant Cells, Empty Cells, or Universal Fluid Cells from the Creative menu.
3: Open Liquid Heat Exchanger GUI.
4: Shift-click the stack of previously-specified Cells.
5: Observe as the entire stack enters one of the I/O slots.
Additional InformationWhat goes in the middle slots?
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2014-06-29 15:41


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2014-06-30 15:08

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fixed Build > 0000492
What goes in the middle slots? Heat Vent

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