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0001104Industrial-Craft²nuclear reactor and anything associatedpublic2014-07-11 18:48
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Summary0001104: 60k and 30k coolant cells generate infinite heat
Descriptionthe 30k and 60k cooling cells generate infinite heat once heated if they are adjacent to a component heat exchanger, which in turn is adjacent to a reactor heat exchanger.

i have been chasing this one for a while(2-3 days) and with NEI installed i could finally monitor the actual values.
Steps To Reproducestore a small amount of heat in a 30k or 60k cooling cell.

place a component heat exchanger next to the cell, and then place a reactor heat exchanger on the other side.

place a vent (OC or core work best).

note that the cell never fully cools off, and produces a steady amount of heat.

Additional Informationobserved in full liquid cooled reactor.
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2014-07-11 18:48

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fixed in Build > 0000507

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