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Summary0001131: Reduce startup time of empty/partially filled Steam Generator (with real physical background in mind)
DescriptionHeating up a completely filled Steam Generator to 100°C takes forever. I know just increasing the heat transfer would also increase the steam generated which may not be wanted.

My suggestion would be to change the way the temperature increase works to reflect the reality better. This could be done by defining a temperature of the heating device(this could be the same for everything and would only be needed for the formula).
Then the temperature change of the boiler could be written as

dT = balance_value/(boiler_heat_capacity) * (T_heating - T_current)

The balance_value and can be adjusted so that the formula would yield the same as the old formula for 100°C.
boiler_heat_capacity basically controls how much heat the boiler stores per temperature.

The same equation could be used to calculate the heat flow from the boiler to the water.

I really hope to see something like this implemented.
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2014-07-21 00:44

reporter   ~0002820

This is more like a feature request than a bug. Hope this is the right place to submit it.


2014-07-21 15:17

reporter   ~0002824

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I ran the class file for the steam generator through a decompiler to try to figure out how the geneator worked. From my limited understanding of uncommented code, it DOES implement heat capacity. In fact, it appears that the generator and water reservoir have their own heat capacities, so a underfilled generator will heat up faster. Awesome.

The heat capacity for the boiler alone is 15000 heat units per degree C. The heat capacity for the water tank is 40 heat units per millibucket of water per degree C. Thus a full tank boiler (10 buckets) would have a combined heat capacity of 55000 heat units per degree.

If I'm not mistaken, the most heat you can transfer to the boiler at a time is 100h/t, using a fluid heat exchanger. That means it takes a minimum of 34.375 minutes to heat the boiler up to 100C from its initial state of 25C. Edit: actually, if you heat up an empty boiler you can get it to 100C a lot faster, but then any water you add will require more heat to boil. Also, this can be dangerous as the boiler explodes if overheated. Tradeoffs are nice :)

If you want to use a solid/fluid/electric heat generator, expect to wait even longer.

If thunderdark agrees that the heatup time is too long, it's simply a matter of tweaking these heat capacities. I wouldn't be surprised if these values change a bit once thunderdark's focus switches from creation to balancing.


2014-07-21 16:46

reporter   ~0002825

Thanks for this Information, it is great to see it implemented like that.

The only thing i am wondering is, how is the heat transfer from the heat source to the steam generator implemented? Is it a constant 100 heat/t or is this value temperature dependant?


2014-07-22 07:34

viewer   ~0002842

add config option in Build 0000531 for heat capacities and calcification


2014-07-26 21:29

reporter   ~0002905

Thanks for the config option, as physicist pointed out, one should do some calculations and balancing once the full cycle is implemented


2014-08-01 18:13

viewer   ~0002975

chance mechanic in Build 0000549 for more Fun and less physics

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