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0001138Industrial-Craft²machinespublic2014-07-23 10:15
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Summary0001138: (IC2E 531) Fermenter producing Biogas consumes far more energy than the biogas will generate.
DescriptionA bucket of IC2Biogas, when burned in a Semifluid Generator (or a Fluid Heat Generator connected to stirling generator) will produce 32000EU.

Testing the Fermenter with a Liquid Heat Exchanger shows that it takes 10000EU per operation, which yields 10mB. It would take 1MEU to produce a bucket of IC2Biogas. This does not include the additional cost of macerating plant material into chaff and canning chaff into biomass.

Is biogas intended to be a viable source of power, or is there another use for it?
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2014-07-22 22:48

developer   ~0002850

Biogas is used to fuel the fuel powered Jetpack, although it is a terribly under powered. It needs to convert at at least 10, if not 100 mb each action in order for it not to take so long and be worth it more.


2014-07-22 22:52

reporter   ~0002852

I think it is meant to take long since it should reflect the reality, but with the current rate it is basically not worth using so there should be a compromise between reality and playable.


2014-07-23 10:15

viewer   ~0002858

fixed by tweak default values and add config option for all variables

; Balance Values for Fermenter
need_amount_biomass_per_run = 10
output_amount_biogas_per_run = 200
hU_per_run = 4000
biomass_per_fertilizier = 2000

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