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0001216Industrial-Craft²machinespublic2014-08-06 16:45
Reporteryeganer Assigned ToPlayer  
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Product VersionBuilds for MC 1.7.10 
Summary0001216: Semi fluid Generator doesn't accept IC2fluidbiogas
DescriptionThe semi fluid generator doesn't seem to accept biogas as fuel which it is supposed to do.
Steps To ReproducePlace Semi Fluid Generator, try to insert universal fluid cell with ic2fluidbiogas. It won't work
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2014-08-05 11:54

viewer   ~0003014

with Build tested with the last and work fine...


2014-08-05 13:07

developer   ~0003016

Works for me too, which build are you trying it in?


2014-08-05 15:08

reporter   ~0003017

with build 560+ ic2biogas stop working in both the fluid heater and the semifluid generator. also all ic2biomass and ic2biogas disappeared from the fermenter and universal fluid cells.
reverted back to build 559 all Universal cells reset back to normal and ic2biogas was able to be used in fluid heater and semifluid generator.


2014-08-05 15:20

reporter   ~0003018

build 560-562 player did some cleanup and fixes. He also fixed issue 1205 that I posted in build 562 on transformers.


2014-08-05 17:11

developer   ~0003019

I noticed that the liquids disappeared from Buildcraft tanks, but I just cheated them back in. Maybe Player over cleaned up things?


2014-08-05 17:21

reporter   ~0003020

Tried in creative on build 562.

ic2fluidbiogas can't be used in semifluid generator or fluid heat generator.

Cells or Buildcraft pipes cant put it in either.


2014-08-05 17:27

reporter   ~0003021

i think it is a naming problem,
i noticed in build 560(which i am using) the stuff is called
ic2fluidbiogas and ic2fluidbiomass

the semifluid generator seems to check for ic2biogas which is something different than ic2fluidbiogas.
this goes along well with the obervation of switching between build 559 and 560 where the fluids seem to dissappear/reappear


2014-08-05 20:50

developer   ~0003022

Seems logical. PLAYER! :)

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