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0001220Industrial-Craft²general / otherpublic2014-08-06 17:39
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Summary0001220: Fluids
DescriptionAfter updating from 556 to 562, I noticed that all my IC2 fluids had vanished. Not just from IC2 machines, but from things like Buildcraft tanks too. I presumed it was merely a bug and cheated them back in. But then I noticed something, putting in universal fluid cells in a condenser should put out cells with 1 bucket of distilled water. But they don't, it in fact just outputs empty universal fluid cells, and voids the distilled water. So what ever changed between 559 and 560 has completely broken fluids.

From what I can tell, it is renaming them from ic2* to ic2fluid*. Inserting what ever fluid IC2 adds in place of *. This would explain why biogas doesn't go into the semi-fluid generator, all the fluids disappeared when updating but not why the condenser doesn't output universal fluid cells.

This is a pretty core bug, since now all the IC2 fluids are essentially different, either they need to be renamed to what they were, or everything else overhauled to make it work.
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2014-08-06 16:40

administrator   ~0003031

Damn, that fluid part was supposed to only go into the block name, not the fluid name. Should be fixed now.


2014-08-06 17:39

developer   ~0003036

Seems to, thanks player :)

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