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0001226Industrial-Craft²general / otherpublic2014-08-07 17:05
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Summary0001226: Steam
DescriptionNow that fluids can be placed in the world in survival, and suddenly flow again, I tried messing with them. It turns out that Steam and Superheated steam flow very quickly. Very, very quickly. But as it fell through a hole I had accidentally made, I noticed the texture was all screwed up. And as I tried plugging the hole in, I found I couldn't. Both steam and superheated steam prevent you from placing blocks in, a piston pushing blocks in, and have broken textures when the fluids fall.
Additional InformationAlso, it seems that all the fluids IC2 adds, replace water if they touch it, meaning big messes can be caused by the ones which flow very quickly :)
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2014-08-07 14:15


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2014-08-07 14:24

developer   ~0003070

Biogas acts the same, you can't place blocks in and it has a broken falling texture.


2014-08-07 14:28

developer   ~0003071

More interestingly, it is Steam, Superheated Steam and Biogas which have textures which don't change, flowing or not and don't affect the player as they go through.


2014-08-07 15:46

administrator   ~0003073

Try the latest build.


2014-08-07 17:04


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2014-08-07_18.01.45.png (127,450 bytes)   


2014-08-07 17:05

developer   ~0003075

Steam now suddenly rises, which screwed some of my tests up :D

Biogas now affects the way you walk through, but still isn't animated. Is it missing one of the mcmeta files?

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