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0001293Industrial-Craft²nuclear reactor and anything associatedpublic2014-08-20 09:59
ReporterChocohead Assigned ToPlayer  
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Summary0001293: Power Dupe
DescriptionAn EU reactor will output how ever much the amount in the GUI says to any cable (or storage unit) attached, meaning putting 5 cables from the reactor to a storage unit will give you 5 times power output from the reactor. The output might be even more, but an e-net bug (the crash I reported before this) stopped me from testing further.
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2014-08-20 08:52

reporter   ~0003223

such bug already existed long long time ago but was related to chambers, that are separate TE and also emitted power.


2014-08-20 09:59

administrator   ~0003225

Should be fixed.

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