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0001373Industrial-Craft²Agriculture / crops / Boozeceptionpublic2014-09-13 02:41
Reporterfreakyd Assigned ToThunderdark  
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Platformx86_64OSLinuxOS VersionFC20
Product VersionBuilds for MC 1.7.10 
Summary0001373: Crops turn into "unknown"
DescriptionI planted a bunch of nether warts to cross pollinate, and some of the nether warts turned into "unknown" crop with "unknown" seeds.
Steps To Reproduceplant netherwarts as a crop and get them pollinating
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2014-09-01 18:25

developer   ~0003400

To be clear, is this the cross bread plants, or the ones you planted?


2014-09-02 22:53

reporter   ~0003402

These are ones I planted that used to be "netherwarts" and they are now unknown. I also got the same effect with terra warts. I planted an entire crop of terra wart seeds and they were all "cropanalyzed" as terra warts. Some time later, they come back as unknown on the same plants. I am using a harvester to harvest them.


2014-09-03 20:28

reporter   ~0003407

I can't get it to happen again. I'll keep trying!


2014-09-06 07:03

viewer   ~0003418

update if you can Reproduce it..otherwise it is closed (if new crop system is done)


2014-09-13 02:38

reporter   ~0003448

well, so far I got some more nether warts to make "unknown" crops that look just like the original warts. I'm not sure if they are going to take over, or what happened.


2014-09-13 02:41

reporter   ~0003449

now it produced 1 patch that looks like terra warts, that it calls "unknown" and a fully grown nether wart it calls "unknown" as well. Is that supposed to happen?

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