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0001389Industrial-Craft²general / otherpublic2014-09-14 19:24
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Product VersionBuilds for MC 1.7.10 
Summary0001389: Texture Debug Command
DescriptionIt doesn't seem to work. Using it results in a blank (0 KB) file called Srpite_*mod name*. And trying to dump another item from a mod doesn't do anything. The logs imply that it is dumping the textures, but they sure aren't in the format they should be.
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2014-09-14 19:23

developer   ~0003456

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On further testing (and breaking) I've discovered some more things. The file it saves as, has no format, so for IC2 for example, it is a Sprite_IC2 type file. Which obviously doesn't exist.

It also seems to have very very bad effects on your world for large mods. I tried dumping all of ExtraBiomesXL, and it lagged, real bad. Like freeze for a minute bad. Then when it did load, everything was white. Apart from a block in the top left had corner of the screen (I attached a screenshot to show it). In the chat logs, there was this spammed:
[20:18:35] [Client thread/ERROR]: ########## GL ERROR ##########
[20:18:35] [Client thread/ERROR]: @ Post render
[20:18:35] [Client thread/ERROR]: 1283: Stack overflow

And in the forge log, this was spammed:
[20:18:46] [Client thread/INFO] [IC2/IndustrialCraft 2]: Starting texture dump.

Hope this helps you fix it


2014-09-14 19:24


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2014-09-14_20.19.27.png (41,822 bytes)   

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