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0001413Industrial-Craft²machinespublic2014-10-08 10:48
Reporterfreakyd Assigned ToThunderdark  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Platformx86_64OSLinuxOS VersionFC20
Product VersionBuilds for MC 1.7.10 
Summary0001413: NPE from .canDrain check on tanks inside machines
DescriptionIFluidHandler canDrain check on tanks that are internal to the ic2 machines, for example the condenser and fluid reactor, will cause an NPE that crashes the game for good.
Steps To ReproducePerform canDrain check on ic2 machine with tank.
Additional InformationIt's permanently fatal to your save. Make a backup.
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2014-09-27 22:14


2014-09-25-1.log.gz (1,955 bytes)


2014-09-30 04:04

reporter   ~0003476

Could be a bug with LogisticsPipes, retry w/o and use an other mod like EnderIO or BC wich also support fluid-transport.


2014-09-30 18:42

reporter   ~0003486

I will do a complete investigation, but I know it performs a canDrain on the thermal expansion tanks... but NOT the buildcraft ones. For that it uses ISpecialTankHandler because BC always does a "FALSE" return on canDrain. Oh yah the developers over on LP told me it was IC2 bug when I reported it. I'll report what I find after digging in the buildcraft source.


2014-09-30 21:36

reporter   ~0003487

Well, maybe its just me, but its not clear what you mean.
As far as I can guess you try to drain out a tank inside a ic2-machine with an other mod (in this case LP) wich fails by named NPE. The StackTrace says that LP try to call named method but gets null. So anything inside this method seems to be null. Sadly ic2-team doesnt publish the siurce so we could investigate.


2014-10-02 18:02

reporter   ~0003488

yah that's right LP does a candrain check and it always comes back null.


2014-10-03 10:43

reporter   ~0003493

Still unclear : do you get NULL as a return or does the method you call crash with a NPE ?

Anyway : as we all know Direwolf these mods can work all together, i thing just the currenty public builds just not compatible.


2014-10-03 17:48

reporter   ~0003495

method .canDrain crashes with NPE and it does that on any machine with a tank. Including nuclear reactor in fluid mode. The mods work great together, as long as you never put a fluid provider on an ic2 machine. It's the only pipe that performs the canDrain. I grepped through the LP source code.


2014-10-08 10:48

viewer   ~0003503

fixed in next Build add check to all IC2 Maschine to return "false" if internal .canDrain value is set to null

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