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0001447Industrial-Craft²nuclear reactor and anything associatedpublic2014-11-03 09:29
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Product VersionBuilds for MC 1.7.10 
Summary0001447: Steam generators output team to any side regardless of contents
DescriptionSteam generator hooked up to pipes with source of distiled water and supposedly output of steam behaves weridly.

It accepts water source correctly, but outputs water if not heated enough (valve releases with no pressure? )

and when steam is created it outputs steam to any side except top even if pipe contains water.

Suggestion is to make steam generatrs require directed fluid ejector, or at least configure input and output sides/ ports.
Steps To Reproduceplace steam generator and try to work with bc pipes.
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2014-10-23 18:29

developer   ~0003536

The fact they throw out water if not hot enough is intentional (or at least they've always worked like that.

The output steam to any side is easily avoided by either just keeping the (distilled) water pipes with at least a tiny amount of fluid in, or using a fluid regulator.


2014-10-24 08:48

reporter   ~0003538

yes- but problem is when for whatsoever reason fluid disasapears for a minute then it fill it with steam and then afrter series of explosions feeds itself with that steam. I think this should be changed - there should be output, and pressure valve should work as intended (or remove it completelly, because now it does nothing) in normal steam turbine installation there is no problem with water flowing through blades at low speed, but anyway there is always presure valve controlled in some way that prevents output unless pressure is reached. This is ridiculoius- it should have an output.


2014-10-24 17:21

developer   ~0003540

The pressure lets you make super-heated steam, it is far from useless as you seem to think. It is also not a valve, so limiting output until it is reached seems silly when the water can go straight back in.

The fact you're getting steam explosions sounds a lot like you're missing a condenser next to your turbine.

Any side as an output is just easier for compact set ups.


2014-10-24 21:24

reporter   ~0003543

ok - to be precise :
1. it is called valve so either description is wrong or it should be valve - i guess guys know hat they are doing, but this is still incomplete so i filed bug report.
2. it regulates steam only - if it is output port why it is accepting input ? it should be fixed
3. i used condenser and all possible combinations - problem is with startup and shutdown. water is lost which is completelly out of sense for closed loop systems.
4. as far as i agree with any side being output, under condition that OUTPUT is not accepting INPUT!
5. Scenario - reactor is cold - you starting it up, valve is set to 221 bar and input to 1 mb/tick, what happens before generator reaches temperature ? it outputs water to output bufers causing first steam steram to go with explosion.. Isn't it wrong ???


2014-10-24 23:56

developer   ~0003545

1. Calling it incomplete is unfair, it's been in for about 150 builds now. Maybe the fact it's called a valve is wrong, but a suggestion for what else to call it would help.
2. The steam generator pushes steam into neighbouring tanks/pipes, so of course if you let it run dry then steam will get in it. Sounds like a suggesting more than a bug if you want the tank inaccessible from the output face.
3. Water is lost during startup and shutdown. That I do admit is annoying.
4. You're over thinking it. You keep the input pipes filled, and it works fine. Trying to get perfectly 10 buckets of water flowing through is unrealistic
5. No, that's how the mechanic works. You can get around that by taking normal steam out of the output pipe before it gets to the first turbine, or just put another condenser next to the turbine.


2014-10-26 17:18

reporter   ~0003548

i'm starting to understand your viewpoint, so i think following suggestions will bring all parties to common ground.
1. Incomplete is not negative word - what i meant is that until this is a stable release everything can change, and one can expect that it can be tuned up. As distiled water is ment for closed cycyle systems (and for sure we all agree upon this) there need to be a way to have it working without looses.
2. sugegstion it is - but as it breaks very purpose of running closed cycle installation it becomes a bug.
3. already agreed :)
4. i'm not sure you understand what i mean. There is a way for different treasons to have either empty input or output for a brief point of time. Therefore if neither of fixing mechanisms work (not accepting steam on input or better not releasing water on output) we have water lost and ridiculous situation of explosions (in real life steam and water can mix) - we have fluid regulators to set exact input/output ratings.
5. apart it being just result of firstly mentioned issues , how can i take water out of pipes leaving only steam ? is there such device available ?

so giving a way (prefereably turning a valve into actual valve) to overcome distiled water losses, consequently resolves all other issues we are talking about :)

I'm a programmer - i know how this works :) If sth works in certain way but this way is wrong for whatever reason then it can be fixed - i'm in first line against "it's not a bug it is a feature" replies :)



2014-10-28 21:30

reporter   ~0003550

No steam boiler in real life has ever output water. They output more or less steam depending on the heat and getting water out in the game just makes them tend to break. The steam generator really does need to be changed to only output steam, and never water, and the pressure valve setting should be changed from numbers, where almost all are useless, to a simple toggle between normal and super heated steam.


2014-11-03 09:29

reporter   ~0003557

1.7.10-Forge10.13.1.1222 + 2.2.648 btw - and in older systems - while starting if installation is cold, steam condensed and it was mixed with water - but this is real life :P

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