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0001484Industrial-Craft²general / otherpublic2015-01-22 01:59
ReporterLohoydo Assigned ToPlayer  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product VersionBuilds for MC 1.7.10 
Summary0001484: world corrupting achievement crash
DescriptionWhen attempting to auto-craft the Fire Protection Poppet from Witchery using an AE2 interface set to output the poppets and a crafting card, the following crash happened:
Additionally, attempting to manually request auto-crafting through a terminal does not succeed. I can adjust the number to request, but clicking on Next/Start does nothing.
Steps To ReproduceSetup auto-crafting recipes in AE2 system.
Set an interface to export Fire Protection Poppets (may need adjacent inventory)
World crashes and will crash again on restart
Additional Information
Also posted to AE2 bug reports ( who said IC2 has an achievement somehow receiving a null.
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2014-12-05 17:57

reporter   ~0003590

Forgot to mention: This is on Direwolf20 FTB pack 1.0.1 and 1.0.2


2014-12-12 02:20

administrator   ~0003598

Some mod did report a null item to be crafted, the next build should work around this.

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