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0001509Industrial-Craft²nuclear reactor and anything associatedpublic2015-02-12 00:22
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Product VersionBuilds for MC 1.7.10 
Summary0001509: Kinetic Steam Generator emits particles when it shouldn't
Descriptionthe Kinetic Steam Generator emits particles all the time when fueled by either steam or superheated steam regardless of the rate.
Steps To Reproduceset up a Steam Generator in any way to produce either steam or superheated steam, or use a source tank with or without a regulator, inject either steam to one or a pair of K.S.G.s and observe the particles being emitted in any rate of injection, tested from 1mB/s up to 1B/t
Additional Informationthe steam particles dont damage any mobs or players at all.
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2015-01-13 08:21

reporter   ~0003655

they also don't allow for the 1mB of distilled water to not be drained immediately, causing a loss in efficiency and half the durability of the superheated rotors (unless the later is intentional).

they need a minimum tank check of about 16mB or more, not 0, otherwise their behaviour is always undefined.


2015-01-14 16:12

developer   ~0003658

The particles are meant to be there, it means there's no condenser in the system.


2015-01-14 21:14

reporter   ~0003659

how would the condenser fix the problem if the turbine is only emitting distilled water? does the K.S.G. require it to be next to it to behave correctly?


2015-01-14 21:48

reporter   ~0003663

ok so now I understand that you need the 2 K.S.G.s next to each other, second one has a fluid ejector upgrade and requires a condenser next to it, and all 3 blocks then need to have something to drain the distilled water from them, otherwise they get flooded. The purpose of the condenser is somewhat confusing as it doesn't require power, it's essentially just being a relay for the distilled water from the second K.S.G. ...


2015-01-15 17:19

developer   ~0003664

It's just missing documentation since big youtubers like Direwolf haven't done a spotlight on any of IC2 for years, and the wiki documentation is coming, just slowly.


2015-01-16 08:30

reporter   ~0003670

ok well I still say the check for the water in the K.S.G. should be at least something like 4 or 8mB, it's virtually impossible to prevent it from pulsing due to the 1mB of water that sits there for one tick...


2015-01-16 18:54

developer   ~0003671

It should be 2mB then, since it is only 1mB that it keeps a tick.


2015-01-17 08:38

reporter   ~0003672

it keeps more though if fed enough steam/superheat steam, I've seen at least 4-8mB as the minimum.


2015-01-17 11:56

developer   ~0003674

It doesn't keep more, it's all down to how fast you can pull it out. If you set a fluid ejector upgrade to say empty into a tank, as long as the tank has room, it'll never go above 1.


2015-01-17 12:24

reporter   ~0003676

problem though is I've found you cant really use a fluid ejector on the second turbine, otherwise it pushes the water back to the first turbine and makes the problem worse, same applies to the condensers. My current setup involves not using ejectors entirely and a high-speed fluid transfer node on the second turbine that works, as fast as an ejector would, without hurting the first turbine.

Condensers probably shouldn't really feed turbines, nor turbines feed each other water, at least not unless their check was increased drastically to allow the water to flow between them before draining...


2015-01-17 15:45

developer   ~0003677

:| You've got to set the fluid ejector upgrades so they don't just eject to anywhere (shift right-click holding them on a block), meaning your problem is invalid involving them. Them feeding each other and a condenser work fine once they've been set.


2015-02-06 02:59

reporter   ~0003730

second K.S.G. still keeps a portion of water on the rotor regardless of the fluid ejector, causing a consistent .5EU loss every second tick.


2015-02-11 05:26

reporter   ~0003739

code for the turbines should also use torque/velocity, snapping between fixed values constantly is just stupid really.


2015-02-12 00:22

reporter   ~0003743

calcs have exposed a potential 60-75mB of lost distilled water a minute per turbine pair, not affected by the amount of S.G.s or condensers.

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