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0001544Industrial-Craft²E-Net, cabling, storage/transformer blockspublic2015-02-27 02:30
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Summary0001544: output of generators after editing config not as expected
DescriptionI edited the geothermal Generator to produce 40EU/t instead of 20EU/t (config value 2.0 instead of 1.0).
Expected behavior: Geothermal Generator produces and outputs 40EU/t.
Actual behavior: Geothermal Generator produces 40EU/t but outputs only 32EU/t and stores 8EU/t in it's internal buffer.
Steps To Reproduce1. Edit the config file and set the factor for the Geothermal Generator to 2.0 .
2. place a Geothermal Generator and hook it up to any energy-storage-block tier 2 or higher (everything except batbox).
3. fill the Geothermal Generator with lava and watch the internal buffer run full.
Additional InformationI only checked this with the Geothermal Generator, but i expect other generators to act similar, when editing the generation factor over the max output of the tier (eg setting the 'normal' Generator to 4.0)

I suggest to either automatically change the output to the higher tier or add a slot for a transformer upgrade to output the higher tier.
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2015-02-27 02:30

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working with IC2-exp build 681

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