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0001546Industrial-Craft²crossmod-compatibility / submodules / APIpublic2015-03-08 07:10
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Summary0001546: Unable to use API to add Kinetic Wind Rotors
DescriptionIt is not possible to add a new kinetic wind rotor using the IKineticWindRotor interface. This is due to the fact that the (new) windmill will crash if the item in it is not an instance of ItemGradualInt. The problem with that is that other mods (particularly my addon) cannot use ItemGradualInt, because it's constructor requires an InternalName, which is something only IC2 can use.

Also see: the item tested.
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2015-03-08 07:10

administrator   ~0003783

Fixed, I also cleaned the interface up, breaking the api there. ICustomDamageItem now provides the functionality of ItemGradualInt.

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