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0000155Industrial-Craft²nuclear reactor and anything associatedpublic2012-12-13 12:29
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Summary0000155: Nuclear reactors outputting power progressively higher the more cable attachments made
DescriptionThe reactors in ic2 on the beta pack A of ftb (tested in multiplayer only) output their normal output for each connection of wire to them. for example, one wire connected to the reactor that should produce 240 will indeed produce 240, but, if the wire is conencted to two sides at once, it would produce 480, that seems to be related as well to the issue that DW20 had on the forgecraft server a few episodes back. not a config issue as they originally figured. for demonstration purposes. i set up a screenshot example.

These two reactors SHOULD only be outputting 640 eu/t, however as shown, this is not the case, it also scales the more connections one uses
Steps To ReproduceBuild a reactor, attach cable to so as it's attached to just one face, it should output the expected amount, however if the cable contacts more than one face, it increases, at a rate of X(where x is the amount of connections the reactor has to cables) times the expected power.

Attempted with a full size reactor twice, with both gold 2x insulated, and glass fiber cable.
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2012-12-11 13:58

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See also 0000047.


2012-12-13 12:29

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Already fixed

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