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Summary0001591: Dragonblood becomes zero
Descriptionat Brew-Youngster-Beer-Ale-Dragonblood system, the last one becomes zero.
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has duplicate 0002508 resolvedChocohead Brewing process may not yield result 



2015-04-28 06:14


2015-04-28_15.10.30.png (68,039 bytes)   
2015-04-28_15.10.30.png (68,039 bytes)   


2015-04-29 21:57

developer   ~0003857

Interesting, Zero is a broken brew, meaning it looks like the barrel is still fermenting after Dragonblood, which isn't meant to happen.


2017-04-10 21:04

reporter   ~0005136

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I have a suggestion to fix this, make brews hold data based on a new tag, not in the damage value itself. This will fix many things related to brews and such.

Also, I looked a bit more into the Dragonblood turning into Zero bug, it turns out that the damage values for Dragonblood are negative. Minecraft reads negative damage values as 0.

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