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0001611Industrial-Craft²machinespublic2015-05-31 18:04
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PlatformIC2 #726OSWindowsOS Version7 Professional
Summary0001611: Superheated steam
DescriptionI have found a glitch where the steam generator wont resume producing super heated steam. This happens when the heat source is interrupted and sometimes just from exiting and reloading the world. This makes steam power undependable as you will have to adjust this every time you save or need to supply more fuel.
Steps To ReproducePlace steam generator next to 2 liquid heat exchangers. set steam generator to 220 or 221 bar. set water input to 1mb/t. fill steam generator with distilled water. place 2 kinetic steam generators with a condenser and 2 kinetic generators. fill both liquid heat exchangers with hotcoolant cells and empty cells. wait for steam generator to heat up. It may require you to adjust the settings in the steam generator to get it to stabilize on superheated steam. if not remove the hot coolant for a few seconds. place it back and it will not start producing superheated steam automatically. you will have to adjust the settings back and froth in the steam generator until it starts producing superheated steam again.
Additional InformationThis is a constant problem when making a fluid reactor as the steam gen stops making superheated steam and you have to go back to each steam gen adjust the settings down then back in order to get it producing again. This mostly happens when your reactor needs more fuel or you save and reenter the world.
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