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0001614Industrial-Craft²Agriculture / crops / Boozeceptionpublic2015-06-06 13:46
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Summary0001614: Broken Crop Drops
DescriptionThe latest 729 update seems to have broken crops in that they don't drop anything when harvested. Only when harvested with right click however, breaking them with left click seems to be fine.
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2015-06-05 18:19

reporter   ~0003899

Last edited: 2015-06-05 18:34

I have no problems with that.. In fact.. Drop chance and drop amount looks to be decreased drasticaly.

tested right now on my field 9x18 with stickreed and some other crop (tine, coppon from GT5u). Also tested with cropHarvester.


2015-06-05 18:37

developer   ~0003900

I've got crops that aren't dropping anything, it seems the drop chance has dropped so low that crops aren't dropping anything if the stats are too low.


2015-06-05 21:19

administrator   ~0003901

I've just fixed a rounding issue, the drop rate should now match what's specified by the crop.

If it's still mismatched to previous behavior I'll have to tune the constants as the old implementation may have been tuned against a bogus probability calculation. Input regarding this balance is welcome.


2015-06-05 23:52

reporter   ~0003902

Last edited: 2015-06-05 23:54

I do little research between Version 723 and 729 (im too lazy to download v728 - but there is no reason to do it) and i make field 18x18(320) in each version with sugar cane(reed). I harvest 3 times in both versions and results is:

V723 925 930 953 ~ 936 pcs
V729 298 301 293 ~ 297 pcs

In V723 its 2.978pcs and in V729 0.928pcs of reed per crop on average.
Its 3 time less drop.
Maybe its future.. Crops is no more OP than before. Im like it.

Edit1: 731 is out with new math.. i try that and post feedback here :-)


2015-06-06 00:37

reporter   ~0003903

V731 592 595 548 ~ 578 pcs

its 1.8 pcs of reed per crop. I think this is golden midway.

maybe you can create another line in config file for DropCount multipler. I think it is not a bad idea.


2015-06-06 13:46

administrator   ~0003905

Assuming the reed crops were fully grown with gain stat=0 the expected average yield is 0.95^2*2 per crop or 577.6 total. With your measured 578 pieces it's verified that the drop counts now match what was specified through the crop api.

The base chance is commonly calculated as 0.95^(crop tier), the tier of reed is 2. Reeds drop (size - 1) items, so 2 at max size (3). The gain would be factored in with a multiplier of 1.03^(gain stat points), which yields 1 for gain=0.

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