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0001687Industrial-Craft²nuclear reactor and anything associatedpublic2015-09-04 06:37
ReporterSilox Assigned ToPlayer  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
PlatformMacOSOSX YosemiteOS Version10.10.5 (14F19a)
Summary0001687: Upgrading used heat sinks is impossible
DescriptionVersion: IC-2-2.2.756-experimental

I got some funny behaviour here when trying to upgrade a used heat sink. After retrieving a used heat vent from my reactor, I tried to upgrade it into a component heat vent. When putting a used heat vent (with a green bar below it) into the crafting station with the elements to create a component heat vent (and other vents), no result is shown. When I look at the recipe, the example heat sink in the recipe does not have a green bar. However, when I press "u" on the heat vent, the recipe changes to a heat sink with a green bar. When I try then to upgrade the used heat sink, a resulting component heat sink is shown in the crafting table, but when trying to retrieve this, the resulting item (for example a component heat vent) snaps back to the crafting table and can't be put into inventory. Neither shift-clicking works, everything disappears from the crafting table and gets put back immediatly.
Steps To Reproduce1. Search the inventory for any upgraded heat vent, notice that there isn't a green bar below the used heat vent.

2. Create a heat sink
3. Put it in the reactor (so it has a green bar underneath it)
4. Pull it out, notice the green bar below the heat vent

5. Try to upgrade it (eg into a component heat vent or reactor heat vent), notice that there isn't a resulting item on the crafting table

6. Use "u" on the heat vent, the recipe now shows a green bar below the heat vent
7. Try to upgrade the heat vent again and notice that there is a resulting item, but that it cannot be retrieved in any way.
Additional InformationI couldn't find any restriction of upgrading heat sinks on the wiki. If this is intended, this should be documented.
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2015-08-05 16:42

developer   ~0004064

Pretty sure it has always been like this, it's not logical to upgrade something that's half broken.


2015-08-05 16:53

reporter   ~0004065

I didn't know heat vents had durability. Knowing this, it is indeed logical not to be able to upgrade broken stuff. But then it should also be shown in the mouseover pane and preferably on the wiki (although the last part is community-effort).


2015-08-05 17:32

administrator   ~0004066

IMO the proper way to deal with this is having the reactor components that take "damage" from heat to craft with the fully repaired damage value (1) and using those in upgrade recipes.


2015-09-04 06:37

administrator   ~0004156

Fixed for the next build.

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