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0001703Industrial-Craft²general / otherpublic2015-09-07 11:11
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Summary0001703: Pahoe-lava nulls lava
DescriptionIf a liquid block or flow of pahoe lava comes in contact with a block of regular lava, the regular block of lava is replaced by the phantom pahoe. once the pahoe lava source is removed, the phantom slowly receeds, leaving an empty space.
Steps To Reproduceplace 1 bucket of lava in a hole
place 1 cell of pahoe lava next to the lava in the hole.
wait for the pahoe to spread in the cardinal directions.
remove the pahoe source block.
observe as the pahoe recedes that the bucket of lava is gone.
Additional Informationgiven the randomness of pahoe hardening, this may take multiple attempts to get the pahoe to spread.
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2015-09-04 07:16

administrator   ~0004162

With the Forge fluid implementation it's normal behavior for denser fluids to replace others. The same applies to flowing blocks of finite fluids.

I don't quite see the problem here, if anything it's probably to be improved in Forge.


2015-09-07 10:54

reporter   ~0004183

I guess i have a niche case. Was unexpected.


2015-09-07 11:11

administrator   ~0004184

Maybe at some point I'll write an independent implementation that displaces finite fluids properly :)

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