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0001716Industrial-Craft²crossmod-compatibility / submodules / APIpublic2015-09-04 15:21
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Summary0001716: Miner and Advanced Miner Ignore Gregtech Ores
DescriptionMiner and AdvMiner completly ignore all Gregtech ores. Even in blacklist mode without any blacklisted blocks gregtech ores get ignored. This makes miner/AdvMiner useless with gregtech installed. Adding gregtech ores to allowed ores in config doesn't solve the issue
Steps To ReproducePlace Miner/AdvMiner next to a Gregtech ore deposit.
Additional InformationSearch in Forum and some testing showed gregtech ores get ignored because they are tile entities.
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2015-09-04 14:38

developer   ~0004164

It was patched to be able to mine tile entities in build 634, so it should work.

The miner was changed again in build 650 and 734 but neither mention anything to do with tile entities.


2015-09-04 14:48

reporter   ~0004165

I have testet this with 759, 764 and 770. No gregtech ores were mined (other blocks in the area were mined as expected). I just tested with tile entities (chest, furnace, solarpanel), they weren't mined as well (adv miner with empty blacklist).


2015-09-04 15:13

developer   ~0004166

It would be annoying if it mined every single tile entity up as you can completely disassemble someone's base. Have you tried whitelisting a GT ore?


2015-09-04 15:21

reporter   ~0004167

Yes, i tried whitelisting GT ores. It didn't work.
I also tried whitelisting other tile entities (like furnace). They weren't mined either.

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