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0001751Industrial-Craft²machinespublic2015-10-23 16:13
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Summary0001751: Machine Shift-Click Output Doesn't Stack Automatically
DescriptionHi, I love IC2 and thank you for this mod!

When I remove items from any IC2 machine, they go into my inventory (hotbar first if a slot is free) and they won't stack unless I double click the item to group it. I've tried this with Thermal Expansion Machines and also EnderIO and they both don't have this quirk.

To explain better, if I'm rolling 64 iron in the rolling machine and I shift-click every 8, they make their own stacks. No matter how I do it, they all make their own stacks of 8. If I double-click a stack, they all compile into one stack.
Steps To ReproducePut a stack of material into a machine (can be anything into anywhere, as long as an item is output from the operation of the machine.)

Shift-click items from the output so they go into your inventory, but do it before the entire operation is done (if you put in a stack of 64, take any number of output from the machine before it finishes all 64. You can also split the operation into 2 or more.)

The items will not automatically stack.

If your inventory is full and you have less than a full stack of the output item in your inventory, the shift-click will join them together as long as there is room. Example, full inventory with 1 stack of 5 iron plates. You shift-click an output from the metal former of 5 more plates, they will join the stack of 5 that you had to become a stack of 10.
Additional InformationThis is no big deal and just a minor annoyance of inconsistency. I thank you for your time and effort.

A video of this issue can be found here
My version is industrialcraft-2-2.2.784-experimental
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