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0001804Industrial-Craft²crossmod-compatibility / submodules / APIpublic2016-02-04 23:05
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PlatformOS XOSYosemiteOS Version10.11.2
Summary0001804: Terraformer Glitch
DescriptionThis glitch occurs between 3 different mods; IC2, Galacticraft, and Advanced Repulsion Systems. In space I can make a sphere of a forcefield and use the terraformer to fill it. The problem is that it will only fill so far out and leave a large gap. If I place a piece of dirt/block in this gap, the terraformers will start working but only after the shield is off. In the Screenshot you can see the area where the terraformer stops functioning. The bridge/line of dirt was filled after placing one block on the bottom of each spot and turning off the shield. Any help would be greatly appreciated
Steps To ReproduceCreate a sphere forcefield of X radius from Advanced Repulsion System in orbit. Use terraformer to fill space.
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2016-02-04 23:05


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