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0000187Industrial-Craft²tools / electric itemspublic2013-02-02 01:53
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Summary0000187: Electric Wrench & Compact Solars
DescriptionUsing the electric wrench in either mode to break compact solar LV array leaves no drops. Tiny LV solar array pops off whatever surface it is mounted to then disappears.

IC2 solar arrays drop when using lossless mode.
Steps To ReproduceTwo different worlds tried, with differing array setups, both resulted in no drops in either lossless or lossy mode.
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2012-12-17 08:12

reporter   ~0000499

As this may be a Compact Solars issue, I am reporting it there as well.


2013-02-02 01:53

administrator   ~0000738

We fixed this a while ago if I remember correctly.

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