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0001905Industrial-Craft²nuclear reactor and anything associatedpublic2016-06-16 15:40
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Summary0001905: algorithm error of reactor heat exchangers
DescriptionCodes in the dev file, line 93~95, ic2\core\item\reactor\ItemReactorHeatSwitch.class, processing the heat exchange with the reactor:
      if (Reactormed + mymed / 2.0D < 1.0D) add = this.switchSide / 2;
      if (Reactormed + mymed / 2.0D < 0.75D) add = this.switchSide / 4;
      if (Reactormed + mymed / 2.0D < 0.5D) add = this.switchSide / 8;
Steps To ReproduceStudying reactor designs, and looking through the src.
Additional InformationI wonder whether it is intentional. But I think 'switchReactor' should be the exact value using to limit the heat exchange with the REACTOR, not 'switchSide'.
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Minecraft Version1.9.4


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