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0001939Industrial-Craft²crossmod-compatibility / submodules / APIpublic2016-07-24 21:03
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Summary0001939: shift+? from JEI or NEI. Old bug that keeps lingering.
Descriptionsince 1.52 that we can shift+? recipes from NEI (now JEI). Only with IC2 recipes that not all items will fill the grid when using the shift+? from the JEI gui.

happens often with recipes with circuits or cells.

I did a quick search and haven't seen any mention of this.

Problem exist with any crafting grid with internal inventories. Refined storage, TiC with chest beside, RFtools Storage etc.

Many thanks. Been playing ic2 since the 1.2.7 days.. Still my FAV!
Steps To ReproduceIn a Refined storage setup with IC2 component stored
Using the JEI gui of the recipe of a IC2 item.
old shift on the keyboard and click the ? in the gui of JEI.
Crafting table should fill in with the recipe items, assuming they were available in the storage.

Most time there will be missing items in the crafting grid even if the items are available in the storage.

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Minecraft Version1.10.2


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