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0001989Industrial-Craft²machinespublic2016-09-05 18:38
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Summary0001989: Terraformer doesn't work in the End
DescriptionI'm trying to get the "Endgame paradise" achievement, but I've left the terraformer going for over an hour and nothing has happened. I tried both the "irrigation" and "cultivation" blueprints, but nether worked. I tried the TF in an overworld desert and dirt blocks started popping up, so it works there. Maybe it's not recognizing the End Stone blocks? I'm using IC2 Experimental 0000825 for MC 1.7.10.

And yes, I'm giving it power. I have a full MFSU feeding into it at about 300 EU/t for the Cultivation pod and 400 EU/t for the Irrigation pod.
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Minecraft Version1.7.10


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