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Summary0002111: Problems I've noticed with crops (I know they are being worked on)
I've been able to breed up most crops I've found in the game so far.
But here's a list of some of the problems I've run across:

> Updating between builds (b151 -> b154 and then to b161) each time caused all crops on cropsticks to disappear when the game loaded. Thank goodness I wasn't breeding crops up back then. Since then I've been pulling most of my crops out and storing the seed bags before shutting down the game. For awhile the remaining crops continued to load correctly at game startup. But then I had a complete failure on that same side of my field and its contiguous grouping of cropsticks containing stickreed and hops. I had built this grouping right up against my fencing (which has cobblestone under it) and also up against my crop-matron and its plumbing. I also had a trap door in that part of the field. All other crop groupings that did NOT fail were isolated in tilled ground.

> CATASTROPHIC CROP FAILURE!!! Walk up next to a contiguous grouping of cropsticks, but stand on the nearby tilled soil. Now jump up in the air and land hard enough to flatten the ground. This will trigger the entire nearby grouping to turn into flattened ground and all crops in the grouping will popup as seedbags. I think this is related to how I lost my other crop grouping described above - something triggered them to all popup out of the ground, but I wasn't there to collect the seedbags so I lost them all.

> Harvesting Red or Brown Mushrooms from cropsticks gives pink and black boxes named "Mushroom". And when they are an item in inventory they are pink and black squares. They won't stack with regular mushrooms. These crops can be bred up though.

> Harvesting Plumbiscus, Cyprium, Aurelia, and Ferru seems to work fine. But it looks like Shining will fully mature even without silver ore directly under it. But that could be by design since IC2 doesn't add silver ore to the game. I've been getting my silver via centrifuge and recently silver ore from Immersive Engineering. I haven't been able to bred Stagnium, or RedWheat - I peeked at JEI seedbags.

> Rarely, when manually left-clicking wheat I'd get seeds instead of a seedbag. If that's by design then it's certainly useful for feeding chickens!

> Any original MC flower planted on cropsticks, except dandelions, seems to just turn into roses - even tulips turn into roses instead of IC2 Tulips. But Tulips are a higher tier, so that's probably by design.

> With crops like Coffee having 5 long stages of growth it still amazes me that I can often manually right click to harvest and get nothing. I think all my breeds of coffee are above (gr8/ga7/re10) I'd have thought that lvl 7 gain was only applicable to seedbag production chances - but perhaps it plays a role in harvestability? Even after all my breeding it seems like my crops often produce nothing when manually harvested.

> For the time I've invested trying to breed up crops across this whole week, and keep the weeds off them, I'm realizing I could have just stuck lvl 1 crops in the ground and build 10x as many farming areas for crops like wheat. It's a lot of micro-managing to breed crops, but perhaps I'll feel like it has paid off later.
Additional InformationIC2 build 161
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Minecraft Version1.10.2



2017-02-10 00:17

reporter   ~0005057

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Further testing has verified that sometimes when the game loads a contiguous group of crops, they get popped out of the ground. The ground is flattened and all cropsticks are lost. The seed bags can be picked up. I was placing isolated crops all around different parts of the field to try and pin down the problem and I've found at least one.

I have my crop harvester stacked on top of my crop-matron. On the East side I run a tin cable up from the ground to both of them. On the West side I have Extra Utilities transfer pipes leading down into the ground and moving harvested crops into a storage depot. A fluid transfer pipe comes in directly underneath the crop-matron and supplies it with water from an underground pump.

It looks like crops placed next to the Tin cable sometimes cause the chain-reaction pop-out. I had to load the game 3 times before this occurred, so perhaps it also has something to do with the stage/state of the nearby crops. But when it happened, two different groups, next to two different tin cables, popped out of the ground at the same time.

I will continue to test further and see if keeping all crops away from the cables solves the problem. Also, the cables were not painted or foamed. I'll also test if foaming the cables helps.

Update: Foaming doesn't help. On game reload all test crops planted next to cables popped. All others were fine. I did once have some damage on the edge of the field. I'm wondering if a spider crawled into the field or lightning made them pop.


2017-02-24 07:29

reporter   ~0005079

Last edited: 2017-02-26 00:41

"Rarely, when manually left-clicking wheat I'd get seeds instead of a seedbag."

I think for crops that can be planted with items (e.g. wheat, pumpkins, reed, carrots) if the stats match what planting the item would have been (3/0/2, I know from using a GT portable scanner in 1.7.10, though for all I know this might have changed for 1.10.2), it drops the item instead of a seed bag.

I hope it's okay to add some issues I've noticed (I'm using build 169):

1. The cropsticks recipe has been nerfed compared to 1.7.10 - 4 sticks used to produce 2 sets of cropsticks, now it only produces 1. If this is by design, it should have been mentioned in the changelog.

2. The pink and black "missing texture" image flashes briefly when placing crop sticks.

3. I've seen wheat crops grow at night even though I had no light sources nearby. (it's supposed to require a light level of 9 to grow)


4. I can't place cropsticks on a farm block I'm standing on - I have to be clear of it, which makes no sense, considering that I can freely walk through them after placing.


2017-03-09 22:29

developer   ~0005094

1, 2 and 4 are fixed in IC2 2.6.172 (although Jenkins is messing around and refuses to build it). 3 is a strange one as it shouldn't happen, and with crops being random anyway it's an utter pain to try and replicate. All I can guess is that lighting calculations got stuck and never updated the crop block, which isn't really something we can do anything about.


2020-06-15 15:19

reporter   ~0006265

I think 3 happens because the light level checking uses World.getLight() instead of World.getLightFromNeighbors() - the first one ignores whether it's day or night and gives the potential light level for the middle of the day (vanilla crops and saplings use the second method)

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