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0000221Industrial-Craft²machinespublic2013-07-23 15:57
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Summary0000221: Luminators don't stop exploding on >LV
DescriptionIf a luminator is placed below a cable (only way it currently works - already reported somewhere else) which is transferring higher packets tha 32/p (for example behind an MFE/MFSU), explosions in a big radius around the luminator appear.
The luminator gets destroyed but the explosions only stops when the powerline is broken
Steps To Reproduce1) Place energy storage device with output >32/p
2) Place line of cable in a way you can place a luminator below
3) Fill energy storage
4) Place luminator
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2012-12-30 05:39


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2012-12-30 17:39

reporter   ~0000598

Unless you are using some weird texture pack you have an MV transformer or mfs feeding the line which means it's 128 EU packets, not 32.

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