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0002324Industrial-Craft²machinespublic2018-02-20 22:48
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Summary0002324: batch crafter wont auto stack RE-Battery for use on another batch crafter
DescriptionWas trying to batch IC2 Generators which needed RE-Batteries.

So i batch craft the RE-Batteries with a batch crafter, it works no problem, even shows it stacks on the result box.


But, when i link to another batch crafter (generator schematic) only the 'Iron Furnace' and 'Iron Plates' gets filled.

Steps To Reproduce2 Batch crafter (A, B)

BC (A) RE-Battery schematic + filled and powered ~ began crafting, place Ejector upgrade (any number)

Place BC (B) beside BC (A)

BC (B) Generator schematic (tried both recipe)+ filled and powered, wont proceed with crafting because RE-Battery wont stack (even if ejected into or pulled from BC (A).

example video:
Additional InformationBC (B) on starts crafting after manual intervention; shift click from BC (A) result box to get all in player inventory.

Double click on 1 RE-Battery to stack in player inventory.

Open BC (B) and place the stack to the schematic, only then BC (B) will start batch crafting.
Tags1.10.2, batch crafter, Forge version:, industrialcraft-2-2.6.252-ex110
Minecraft Version1.10.2



2018-02-20 22:48

developer   ~0005558

Hmmm, it's a version localised problem, the rework in 1.11 has fixed this.

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