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Summary0002369: Conflict with Reliquary. Early game unlimited duplicating of many core objects for the cost of a piece of redstone.
DescriptionDiscovered on the FTB Revelation 1.8.2 modpack.

The Batch Crafter allows for a fuzzy input, but gives a fixed output. So if you set the recipe to charge a Tome of Alkahestry from Reliquary, afterwards you can put a Tome of any charge as the input, and the output will be the charge provided from the recipe that was set.

The Tome permits users to duplicate items.

I found this while looking for a way to use an autocrafter to recharge the Tome. I'd assume this one is more on the IC2 end rather than the Reliquary end, but I posted this on their github too.

I would expect this could be exploited by any kind of "charging" item in the Batch Crafter
Steps To ReproduceAlbum explaining the specifics:

As you can see I set the recipe using a highly charged tome, 1 redstone to charge it from 999,999 to 1,000,000.

Afterwards I was able to put in an empty Tome and for 1 redstone charge it to 1,000,000.
Additional InformationThe tome uses 64 charges to duplicate a diamond, and 256 charges to duplicate a nether star. So this is a very game-breaking exploit.

This permits the duplication of: Tin, Steel, Soul Sand, Silver, Sandstone, Sand, Obsidian, Netherrack, Nether Star, Nether Brick, Lapis, Iron, Gunpowder, Gravel, Gold, Flint, Endstone, Emerald, Dirt, Diamond, Copper, Coal, Clay, Charcoal

You can use the Tome to extract redstone from the Tome. This would allow you to duplicate redstone to infinitely charge it.

If rushed, the exploit is available as early as 2h-5h of survival play. Within a day of survival play, a player could be automating stacks of nether stars on a per second basis (or any of the other items listed above).
Tagsbatch crafter, Duplicating, Reliquary
Minecraft Version1.12.2


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