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0002411Industrial-Craft²crossmod-compatibility / submodules / APIpublic2018-08-18 00:03
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Summary0002411: ExplosionIC2 does not fire a Forge ExplosionEvent
DescriptionBefore exploding, ExplosionIC2 fires an IC2 ExplosionEvent. However, in order to receive this event, mods must specifically listen (and compile against the IC2 API).

It would be extremely useful if ExplosionIC2 were to also fire a Forge ExplosionEvent, before proceeding with the explosion. Since ExplosionIC2 extends the Minecraft Explosion class, firing a Forge ExplosionEvent would be extremely easy.
Steps To Reproduce1. Add an event listener for Forge's ExplosionEvent to an existing mod, or create a new test mod containing such a listener. This listener should unconditionally cancel all events.
2. Place and activate a block of IC2 TNT
3. Note that the event listener is not called when the explosion takes place.
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Minecraft Version1.12.2


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