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0002416Industrial-Craft²tools / electric itemspublic2018-08-28 23:13
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PlatformWindowsOSWindows 10OS Version10.0.17134.228
Summary0002416: Night Vision gives you blindness instead
DescriptionWhen activating night vision using a nano suit helmet (may also happen using night vision goggles and quantum suit helmet), you get blindness instead of Night Vision. Tested using version 2-2.8.73-ex112 in this modpack (yes, I am the modpack author).
Steps To Reproduce1. Equip nano suit helmet (night vision goggles and/or quantum suit helmets may also have this problem).
2. Use the mode switch key and alt key to activate night vision.
Additional InformationI have not tested this with just IC2 but it is possible that this issue may only affect this modpack since there could be a mod that may move around the potion ID's. I will try it out using just IC2 later. The majority of the mod list can be located here:
Tags1.12.2, 2-2.8.73-ex112, night vision
Minecraft Version1.12.2



2018-08-25 06:01


ic2 bug 2.png (266,376 bytes)
ic2 bug.png (391,717 bytes)


2018-08-25 06:58

reporter   ~0005787

Using Forge 1.12.2-


2018-08-26 18:13

reporter   ~0005788

You are in a bright environment, this is completely intentional. Night Vision only works at night.


2018-08-28 22:26

reporter   ~0005792

Ah, my bad. Didn't know about this. How do I close this issue?


2018-08-28 23:13

developer   ~0005793

Night vision only works in lower light levels rather than necessarily just at night, but it does sound like the behaviour you're seeing is what you'd expect from it. Feel free to post again if you're having trouble in the dark (as that probably would be an issue).

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