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0002462Industrial-Craft²machinespublic2019-01-03 17:17
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Summary0002462: Pumps leave eastern edge of pools un-pumped
DescriptionWhen a Pump machine is set up in a vertical orientation to clear a pool of lava, it incorrectly calculates the dimensions of the pool, and leaves some source blocks on the Eastern edge of the pool un-pumped
Steps To ReproduceTwo test scenarios were set up: first screenshot shows pump setup before pump was given power. Pump is situated face-down in the center of a 5x5 pool of 1-block-deep lava (pump placed one block above the surface of the lava. When given power (rechargeable battery) and a stack of empty fluid cells, the pump clears most of the area, but leaves a few source blocks un-pumped to the edge nearest the camera.

If the pump is broken and re-placed and re-powered, sometimes it pumps a few more from that edge, but not always.

I repeated the test with a more organically-shaped pool, with the same result.

The edge that remained lava-filled in both cases was the Eastern edge of the pool.
Minecraft Version2.12.2



2019-01-03 04:38

reporter   ~0005855

File uploads seem to not be working; screenshots uploaded to


2019-01-03 17:17

developer   ~0005859

This'll be from the pump search order: it doesn't actually map attached pools out, just attached sources every time it's ready for pulling another bucket. With east being the final direction it checks in, the lava has stopped touching the pump so it can't see it. It will take more careful (and complex) fluid finding logic to pull from all edges before trying to move in to avoid this completely.

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