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0002472Industrial-Craft²nuclear reactor and anything associatedpublic2019-02-05 11:35
ReporterKrisBigK Assigned To 
Status acknowledgedResolutionopen 
PlatformPC, JavaOSWindowsOS Version7
Summary0002472: Hopper ignores stacking items when feeding into a filled reactor
DescriptionAs the title suggests. Both the EU reactor and the fluid reactor are affected.
It seems that the function of stacked components is not affected, though.
Steps To Reproduce1.Place a reactor, chambers are optional
2.Place a hopper pointing into it
3.Put at least 55 items into the hopper
4.Wait until the reactor is completely filled
5.The bug occurs
Additional InformationUsing industrialcraft-2-2.8.109-ex112 and 1.12.2-forge1.12.2-
No other mods used
TagsNuclear Reactor
Minecraft Version1.12.2



2019-01-31 10:35


2019-01-30_14.40.47.png (107,306 bytes)   
2019-01-30_14.40.47.png (107,306 bytes)   


2019-02-01 04:03

reporter   ~0005890

same for steam turbine
2019-02-01_08.00.50.png (440,721 bytes)


2019-02-03 10:33

reporter   ~0005899

I just saw . Maybe this is a forge bug.


2019-02-05 11:35

reporter   ~0005903

Nope, it's same for AE2 Export bus

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