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0002494Industrial-Craft²machinespublic2019-02-21 13:58
ReporterDrakusorU Assigned ToChocohead  
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Summary0002494: Custom furnace recipe crashing
Descriptionhey, im trying to add draconium dust to draconium ingot to the furnace but for it crashes at startup..

i've tried both draconicevolution:draconium_dust = draconicevolution:draconium_ingot and OreDict:dustDraconium = draconicevolution:draconium_ingot and neither works..

the same result happens when I try to add the Vile Dust from Soul Shards ( minecraft:soul_sand = soulshardsrespawn:materials@2 )
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Minecraft Version1.12.2



2019-02-18 01:20

developer   ~0005920

I presume you're adding these to furnace.ini file? Have you checked that there isn't already a smelting recipe for soul sand or draconium dust?


2019-02-18 01:58

reporter   ~0005925

im kinda starting realising something.. as the electric furnace doesnt have his own tab in JEI.. it takes all the recipes that exists for the vanilla furnace right? thats a big fail for me if thats the case..


2019-02-18 12:33

developer   ~0005927

Yeah, the Iron Furnace, Electric Furnace and Induction Furnace all use the normal vanilla furnace's recipes.

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