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0002522Industrial-Craft²nuclear reactor and anything associatedpublic2019-06-16 00:35
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PlatformForgeOSWindowsOS Version8.1
Summary0002522: Able to get Refined Uranium in latest ic2 (experimental)
DescriptionTable of contents:
    >What I run on
    >My description
    >How this impacts the player
    >Proposed fix

What I run on:
    >Forge with minecraft 1.12
    >IC2 experimental
    >Extreme reactors (big reactors for 1.12)
    >Other mods (HWAILA, etc.)

My description:
    I was able to get Refined Uranium in the latest ic2 version.
    I play on forge and have IC2 and extreme reactors. In extreme reactors, there is a ore (yellorite ore) that is the equivalent of uranium in IC2. So what happened is I mined out some of it, and decided to smelt it (I used to [in the past] play on tekkit and there yellorite becomes uranium that gives you poision if you touch it). My electric furnace (IC2) was occupied so I decided to use my iron furnance (IC2) to smelt it. I put it in and leave it alone.
    After a while I check back. Instead of the expected uranium (at least I expected it) I got the IC2 Refined Uranium. I tried holding it and it did not give me poison. I was intrigued about the mod change (I think it was because of the IC2 furnace). I went on the IC wiki, and lo and behold, it is obsolete - i.e. removed from the game.
    I continued looking around in hopes of getting some personal use out of it, and I found that I can make uranium blocks out of it. I also found that Uranium 238 is used to craft this block in current IC2. So, I decided that I will craft the block, and de-craft it, and it worked! I found a way to convert these refined uraniums into actual useable ic2 uranium (what I wanted).

How this impacts the player:
    Although the ore cannot fit into my macerator, there is much more gen of it than uranium ore, so the player will have an easier time getting fuel for ic2 reactors. However, they will have to convert it via the uranium block. This allows them to not build a thermal centrifuge at all to get uranium 238 - no need to go to the nether.

Proposed fix:
    Make the yellowrite ore fit into the macerator! This will allow the player to get crushed uranium ore as per normal. (and remove the strange smelting properties of the ore).
Steps To Reproduce1. Forge with minecraft 1.12, IC2 (latest) and extreme reactors
2. Get yellowrite ore (its not in the creative inventory, either cheats or mining)
3. Put ore in iron furnace (IC2)
4. ???
5. Profit
Additional Information:)
Minecraft Version1.12.2



2019-04-09 00:39

developer   ~0005972

Do you have a recipe output converting mod like Unidict installed too? IC2 doesn't add any smelting recipes to uranium ingots but does add ore dictionary entries for them


2019-04-09 06:58

reporter   ~0005976

I never dowloaded a mod intended for what you say so probably not. I will attempt to reproduce this with just IC2 and extreme reactors by today (SG time).


2019-04-09 09:25

reporter   ~0005977

I have finished testing this with no other mods other than ic2 and extreme reactors (and zerocore because extreme is dependent on it) and will be putting pictures of what happens here now.


2019-04-09 09:28

reporter   ~0005978

My pictures broke, so I will just post a text based account.

IC2 + Extreme reactors -> Smelting yellowrite ore produces refined uranium (IC2)

Extreme reactors only -> Smelting yellowrite ore produces Yellorium Ingots.

Something is definitely off here


2019-04-20 20:16

reporter   ~0005993

Extreme Reactors has a config for this, see registerYelloriteSmeltToUranium and registerYelloriumAsUranium. You can set these to false to keep Yellorium distinct, and there is already a way to configure additional IC2 macerator recipes (by copying assets/ic2/config/macerator.ini from the mod's jar file to the config/ic2 folder and modifying it there)


2019-06-16 00:35

developer   ~0006031

All seems to be dependent on (and following according to) the Extreme Reactors config

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