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0002524Industrial-Craft²machinespublic2019-08-06 22:28
Reporterjk1895 Assigned ToChocohead  
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Summary0002524: ignoreWrenchRequirement = true is not working
DescriptionI set in the config file ignoreWrenchRequirement to true but the mod ignores it. Most machines breaks into casings, but not all.
Version es112
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Minecraft Version1.12.2



2019-04-12 13:29

reporter   ~0005983

Are you sure that you are using industrialcraft-2-2.8.111-ex112.jar? I tried to mine nuclear reactor, kinetic generator, MFSU and recycler with an unenchanted diamond pick and it works in that version and in 2.8.118.

What did you do exactly after changing the config file and before mining machines? What other mods are you using (if any)? What's the forge version that you use?


2019-04-12 14:03

reporter   ~0005984

Hello KrisBigK,
yes, it's industrialcraft-2-2.8.111-ex112.jar
I tested it again and these machines broke into casings:
Induction Furnace
Kinetic Generator (*broke into a Generator)
Geothermal Generator (*)
Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generator (*)
Semifluid Generator (*)
Solar Panel (*)
Stirling Generator (*)
Wind Mill (*)
Solid Canning Machine
Blast Furnace
Thermal Centrifuge

These did not break:
Water Mill
Iron Furnace
Electric Furnace

I tested different picks, but it's all the same.
The Modpack I play is FTB Sky Odyssey
Installed mods:
I don't know which mod could cause this.



2019-08-04 22:52

developer   ~0006084

This feels like the config hasn't actually been changed for the right instance, if you go into the balance section of the IC2 mod config in game does it show as true there?


2019-08-06 20:35

reporter   ~0006106

Hello Chocohead
You're right. In the config file I set it to true, but in the game it shows false.
So is this just a modpack bug?


2019-08-06 22:28

developer   ~0006109

That's certainly the problem at least. If you change it in game it should apply at least, hopefully it would save properly after a restart too.

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