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0002559Industrial-Craft²E-Net, cabling, storage/transformer blockspublic2019-07-03 16:08
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PlatformlinuxOScentosOS Versionrelease 7.2.1511
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Summary0002559: Wire disconnection
DescriptionThis has happened many times.

Like pictures.

Several players have reported this to me.

It made me aware of the seriousness of the matter.

I have been in the mcbbs post of China MC Forum

Change the Multiverse-Core world parameter keepSpawnInMemory to True

But no!

I hope the authorities will fix this serious bug.
Steps To ReproduceSometimes when the player does something else, the server reclaims the block and returns the player to work and finds that the wire is disconnected! Sometimes it happens after the file server is restarted
Additional InformationSpraying building foam on the wires does not prevent the breakage of wires from transmitting EU energy.
Minecraft Version1.12.2


duplicate of 0002490 feedback Break wires 



2019-07-02 14:29


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2019-07-02 15:54

reporter   ~0006050

Dupe of 2490


2019-07-02 23:54

reporter   ~0006051

Because the player on my server is blocking the wires with building foam so I'm calling

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