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0002565Industrial-Craft²machinespublic2019-07-21 16:40
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PlatformForge 1.12.2OSAmazon Linux release 2 
Summary0002565: watermill automation
DescriptionMy "research" has shown that Water Mill automation had been disabled in IC2 long ago. But it still has this flag "watermillAutomation". I set it to true and nothing actually happens. I have tried several setups using BC pipes to transfer cells/buckets to watermill both with said flag set to "true" and to "false". (I also connected watermill directly to fluid canning machine w/ ejector upgrade, etc.)
If automation works for water slot, then how does it work and if it doesn't work then what is the purpose of the flag?
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Minecraft Version1.12.2



2019-07-21 00:45

reporter   ~0006052

I've just tested watermill automation, and it is correctly functioning in industrialcraft-2-2.8.164-ex112. I tried dropper, hopper, ejection from compact item buffer and fluid canning machine, and all of them are working. Also, re-starting the game is necessary for the config to take effect.
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2019-07-21 14:32

reporter   ~0006053

Thanks for the reply, that helped me to figure out the problem.
As I'd set up a server for me and the boys to play, the config file to be edited was on the server side, and in-game "Mod Options" only edited client side config.


2019-07-21 16:40

developer   ~0006054

Good to see you worked it all out, the client's configs are indeed separate to the server's and should match for things to work reliably.

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