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0002575Industrial-Craft²machinespublic2019-08-04 23:05
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Summary0002575: Batch Crafter can make infinite items
DescriptionBatch Crafter Ignores NBT Data of the inpuit items.
Steps To ReproduceMake a White Shulker Box with something inside it, then give the Batch Crafter a recipe of giving black color to the White Shulker Box. Put another empty white Shulker Box and black dye into the Batch Crafter, then you will get 2 boxes of the same items . In theory, other color also works. Please fix it asap, this enables player cheat in the server.
Additional InformationDoes the bug report need to be audited? (Second Post)
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Minecraft Version1.12.2


related to 0002582 new Batch Crafter with many overclockers makes too many items 



2019-07-29 06:09

reporter   ~0006063

I just managed to reproduce this in industrialcraft-2-2.8.171-ex112. The batch crafter should ignore NBT data for shulker boxes. To my knowledge, the bug report doesn't need to be audited.
2019-07-29_14.06.17.png (176,710 bytes)   
2019-07-29_14.06.17.png (176,710 bytes)   


2019-07-29 06:11

reporter   ~0006064

This is serious, but as far as I know, less people know this bug.


2019-07-29 06:12

reporter   ~0006065

few poeple *


2019-08-01 15:37

reporter   ~0006067

There is also another way for duplication: just place many overclockers (e.g. 20) in Batch Crafter and that's it! It will craft much more items than expected.
I think this is very related to this issue so i didn't create a separate one. Sorry if i'm not right.


2019-08-02 09:25

reporter   ~0006068

In a word, Batch Crafter is buggy


2019-08-04 07:59

reporter   ~0006069

Just went ahead and tested the method of duping mentioned by rept1d. Actually I'm quite surprised there are dupes so simple like this. I tested it with the iron ingot -> iron block recipe, and got the following results:

Upgrade amount Iron blocks crafted
22+ 64
21 45
20 32
19 22
18 16
17 11
16 8
15 6
14 4
13 3
12 2
11 2
10- 1

I don't think that the overclocker dupe is related to the shulker box dupe, because the shulker box dupe is simply caused by the NBT data stored in the shulker box being copied to the output box. The overclocker dupe can't be caused by that.


2019-08-04 08:01

reporter   ~0006070

Batch Crafter has issue on NBT Data


2019-08-04 16:38

reporter   ~0006071

@KrisBigK, thank you for your investigation. Moved it to a separate issue.

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