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0002600Industrial-Craft²Agriculture / crops / Boozeceptionpublic2019-08-25 01:25
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Summary0002600: Weed spread by high growth crops can replace neighboring high growth crops
DescriptionAt least this happens with growth 31 stickreed. Once a stickreed grows to stage 2 it can replace nearby stage 1 stickreed with weed. They should be immune to weed.

I'm using 31/31/0 seeds and build 178 as it is almost impossible to test it in later versions due to crops disappearing.
Steps To Reproduce1. Plant a large field of stickreed
2. Watch some of the stickreed get turned into weed for no apparent reason
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Minecraft Version1.12.2



2019-08-23 12:51

reporter   ~0006139

btw here's the command that I used to get the seed bag:
/give @p ic2:crop_seed_bag 1 0 {id:stickreed,owner:ic2,growth:31,gain:31,resistance:0,scan:4}


2019-08-24 19:11

reporter   ~0006141

I think that is intentional: Crops with higher growth than 23 have a chance to replace neighbouring crops with weed. That is why you should not crossbreed crops with higher growth than 21. That has been the case for a long time.


2019-08-25 01:25

reporter   ~0006142

But crops with higher growth than 23 should be immune to weed, according to SpwnX.

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