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0002604Industrial-Craft²general / otherpublic2019-09-16 01:03
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PlatformPCOSWindowsOS Version10
Summary0002604: Cannot use /fill or /clone with ic2:te blocks
DescriptionTrying to use /fill or /clone with ic2:te blocks does not work as they do not accept valid state parameters for the desired blocks. Instead, the filled/cloned area turns to untextured (pink and black) blocks, or an error is give about the state needing to be between 0-15.
Steps To ReproduceLook at a block and attempt to use the fill command to overwrite it with an ic2:te block.
/fill [TAB] [TAB] [TAB] [TAB] [TAB] [TAB] ic2:te 46

Place an ic2:te block, look at it and attempt to clone it.
/clone [TAB] [TAB] [TAB] [TAB] [TAB] [TAB] ~1 ~ ~
Additional Informationic2:te machines work just fine in the /give command.
Using ic2 in FTB Ultimate Reloaded 1.8.0
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Minecraft Version1.12.2



2019-09-16 01:03

developer   ~0006148

This has been true since 1.8, and will need a custom fill/clone command to work around given vanilla's limitations.

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