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0002613Industrial-Craft²general / otherpublic2020-06-05 21:30
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Summary0002613: Fluid pipes transfer rate far higher than advertised when used with boiler
DescriptionI wanted to test if I can use the full transfer rate by shooting a lot of steam through them,
but the rates I got from that do not match the transfer rates in the tooltips at all.

Tiny Bronze: 2B/s
small, medium, large bronze: 2.4B/s
Tiny Steel: 4B/s
small, medium, large steel: 4.8B
Steps To ReproduceI am running a steam boiler with electric heaters,
transferring the steam with pipes to a Steam Turbine,
adding coils until it starts hissing
and then removing coils until it stops hissing,
then reading off the kinetic genertor to see if the EU generation reflects the supposed amount of transferred steam.
I also once attached a tank to observe the absurd throughput myself, it was accurate.

Indeed, I attached three heaters with a total of 24 coils and got 120EU/t from that
Additional Informationindustrialcraft-2-2.8.187-ex112
Tags1.12.2, Pipes
Minecraft Version1.12.2



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