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0002617Industrial-Craft²general / otherpublic2019-09-19 08:24
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Summary0002617: "hot" IC2 liquids behave as water.
DescriptionHot coolant and Pahoehoe lava make water bubbles when interacted with and while they set players and dropped items on fire, they also put them out again instantly, resulting in no damage at all unless you exit the liquid with unfortunate timing and get set on fire.
Dropped items in these liquids make a loud, constant hissing noise, but don't get destroyed. Horrifying noise machine potential. I have a tinnitus now.
Steps To ReproducePlace a source block of Pahoehoe Lava or hot coolant and drop an item or entity into it.
Additional InformationIC2 2.8.187-ex112

Other installed mods: CodeChicken Lib and JEI.
Tags1.12.2, coolant, Fluid, Loud, Pahoehoe lava
Minecraft Version1.12.2


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